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House Cleaning & Maid Service Los Angeles (Free Quote) | Cleaning Tribe

House Cleaning & Maid Service Los Angeles

Book a trusted house cleaner near you & enjoy a stress free home cleaning experience


(Kitchen and living room included)


(Please round half baths up)

15% Off

10% Off

5% Off


House Cleaners LA
House Cleaners LA


Select the date/time & schedule your home cleaning online in seconds.

Cleaning Service Los Angeles
Cleaning Service Los Angeles


Our Professionals will show up like clockwork to deep clean your home.


Sit back, relax and enjoy your new sparkly home.


Cleaning Tribe services the Los Angles area including its suburb areas such as Santa Monica, Long beach, Hollywood, Inglewood, Culver city, Downtown LA & much more.

When booking your appointment with us, rest assured you’re in good hands. All our cleaners are background checked & vetted English speaking staff who bring all of their supplies & equipment. We take quality seriously, and to give you a peace of mind we adhere by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
When signing up for a recurring service with us, you can enjoy the luxury of having the same cleaner you know & love every time as well as discounts up to 20% off for each booking.

Home Cleaning LA

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Background Checked & Vetted

Easy Online Booking

House Cleaners LA

Same Cleaner You Know & Love Every Time

All Supplies & Equipment Included


We’re mobile friendly. Book just as easily from your mobile phone as you can on your computer.



Maid Services In LA

The Best Cleaning Service In Los Angeles


Hiring the right professional cleaning service in LA is tough.

And there are plenty of companies to choose from such as molly maids, merry maids,checkmaid, and much more, but yet it still remains a challenge to find the right company for your home that will show up on time and consistently do great work.

This doesn’t just apply for house cleaning companies either, but other professional cleaning service branches such as commercial cleaning, upholstery,carpet cleaning, pressure washing, steam cleaning, you name it.

In order to find the right maid service company, we should first define what makes a good cleaning company.

The cleaning should consistently remove all the dirt, unwanted substances, and any infectious agents. Cleaning is not just about making the place look good but also providing a great hygiene for the home to avoid the spread of diseases.

A company should also have a straightforward pricing, and easy booking process, and top notch customer service.

And last but not least provide consistent quality cleaning and show up on time each time.

So the question is, can Cleaning Tribe deliver all of that?

You bet we can.

We have an easy online booking form process with unlimited customer support& cash free payment. Our cleaning follows a standardized cleaning checklist & we followup after each cleaning to make sure everything went well. But we love to go even more above and beyond.

Which is why we reward our loyal customers with recurring discounts, treats,goodies, & other surprises.

Domestic Cleaning Company Los Angeles

Why You Should Hire a Los Angeles Maid Service?

Most people assume that a maid service is reserved only for those in luxury, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact maids have had a long historical hierarchy & role during the middle ages next to the butler which was even more popularized in Victorian, England.

A housekeeper was usually responsible for the majority of household duties such as cooking, ironing, folding clothes, laundry, dish washing, cleaning, babysitting, walking the dog, and the list goes on.

Their roles were divided into multiple hierarchy such as house maids, kitchen maids, nursery maids, and more with each one having their own duties & responsibilities. You can learn more about how cleaning agencies operate on the CCDRA website.

Nowadays, hiring your own live-in “cleaning lady” is very expensive & not at all affordable by most people.>

Which is exactly why cleaning services were invented.

Most cleaning services offer their services by the hour, daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on your budget.

You can definitely benefit from a maid service especially in a city as hectic as los angeles, if you’d like to spend more time relaxing, your family & friends, your career/projects, or just want to have your home properly sanitized by a professional.

The beauty of hiring a cleaning agency over a personal housekeeper is that you don’t have to worry about taxes or withholding responsibilities.

Most companies also always bring their own equipment, a professional basic house cleaning checklist, and they are usually insured & bonded in case of a damage or an accident

home cleaning service los angeles

Book Your House Cleaning In Los Angeles In Less Than 60 Seconds


When you book a house cleaning with Cleaning Tribe we guarantee you complete security, transparency & convenience.

You can easily use our online booking form to check out our house cleaning prices & rates before booking with us. No contracts and no strings attached, you can also cancel anytime you want.

Most residential cleaning services or housekeeping companies are hard to book with. They usually never pick up the phone, or very unresponsive.

They also don’t display their prices upfront nor do they offer an easy online booking system that can be done without talking to someone.

We cover all areas of the basic home cleaning checklist while offering additional extra services such as inside your fridge, inside  oven, interior windows, inside cabinets, and more. To  reward our loyal customers, we keep our prices affordable by providing recurring customer discounts while providing a top notch maid service!

You can choose between our two pricing models; i.e. our hourly rate which is advised for organizing, partial cleans or very customized cleaning tasks or our Flat rate model that depends on the size of your home & number of bedrooms & barrooms which comes with our standardized cleaning checklist.

Our process is easy. Once you have made your home cleaning appointment, our cleaners will be there like clockwork on your scheduled date and they will work within the given time to remove all the built up grime,dust, and general tidy up & sanitize your place.

At the end of the cleaning, your card is charged on file & you’ll get a followup email and/or call to see how everything went.

Feel free to also check out the rest of our site for cleaning tips, apply for a cleaning job/position, or to learn more about us.

Los Angeles Home Cleaner


Serving Los Angeles & Surrounding Areas



Cleaning Tribe
400 S Gramercy Pl,
Los Angeles, CA 90020
(424) 644-3739


Los Angeles is the second most populous Southern California city in the United States after New York with a 2016 US estimated Census of a whopping 3,976,322.3

Nicknamed the “City of Angeles”, it is also home to the biggest entertainment industry Hollywood itself as well as known landmarks such as the Hollywood sign, Griffith observatory, LA County Museum of Art, & Dodger Stadium just to name a few.

This beautiful city along with its land marks is so huge that it has been divided into over 80 neighborhoods & districts bringing in a diverse mix of people from all cultures.

In fact, the “City of Angeles” covers a total area of 502.7 square miles in total with 468.7 square miles of land and 34.0 square miles of water surrounded by the Santa Monica & San Gabriel Mountains.


In plain English, that’s one huge city. Los Angeles is known for her beautiful Mediterranean climate and is arguably maybe the only city with one of the best weather out of all the states.

Except for the occasional earthquake problems, Los Angeles is a fast paced, diverse, beautiful city with many tourist attractions and plenty of things to do.

And we’re happy to proudly service the “City of Angeles” and its surrounding areas with the right house cleaning professionals to transform the homes & lives of the people that live within it.

Los Angeles City

Picture of Los Angeles City

Here are a list of some restaurants you can check out if you’re new in the Los Angeles area:

  • Milk Bar LA: Popular dessert spot that specializes in ice-cream and cake
  • JNJ Burger & Barbecue: Stand with variety of burgers, BBQ, & sides
  • Sotto: Italian cooking  with cocktails & pizza


Here are a list of some popular bars in the area:


  • The Walker Inn: Stylish & sexy bar located deep in Downtown LA
  • The Normandie Club: Lounge stylish setting that serves creative drinks & cocktails
  • The Woods: A bar delivering specialty drinks with hunting style space with antler chandeliers.



Here are the most popular hotels to stay at:


  • Omni Los Angeles: Located near bunker hill & across  from the Museum of Contemporary Art, it provides a very upscale & luxurious accommodation
  • The Hollywood Roosevelt:Hip upscale hotel with modern room,suites with premium bedding,wifi &more.
  • Hotel Casa del Mar: Just about a 7 min drive from  Montana Avenue, this hotel is filled with serene rooms, whirlpool tubs, & many other amenities




Hours of Service 

Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm Saturday: 10am-5pm Sunday: Closed