How To Deep Clean Your Bathroom

by Cleaning Tribe - February 25, 2017


      No matter how much you put it off, the bathroom will always be an essential component of your home that will need to be regularly cleaned.

It’s not one of those areas where you can keep procrastinating for a couple of months and not actually take the time to clean it .

With just a couple quick tips you should be well on your way on cleaning like a professional house cleaner.

Here’s what you can do to deep clean your bathroom and keep it fresh, sparkly, and smelling good.


The first thing you want to do is start with your shower. Start from the very top and begin with the shower-head nozzle.

While you’re busy cleaning the shower head, you can leave your plastic curtains running with a few towels in the washing machine. 

Now that’s what we call killing two birds with one stone.

If you don’t have any good cleaning chemicals for your bathroom, you can make your own little home made paste by mixing some baking soda and a couple drops of white  vinegar.

You can leave this paste on your shower doors for about an hour then come back and scrub it off.

For your tub, we actually reccomend you go ahead and invest in a good bathroom cleaner and use a scrubber to get it sparkly white. 

If there are any grouts, dip a brush in some bleach and scrub away. Make sure to rinse the area and ventilate the room after.


We are all about being efficient, quick and keeping things simple.

Wanna hear a trick to cleaning your walls/tiles efficiently and save time?

All you’ll need is to spray an all-purpose cleaner all over your walls, tiles, ceilings,etc.

Run the hot water for about 5 minutes in your tub and let the steam build up within the room.

Let the steam mix up with the all-purpose cleaner for about 20-30 minutes. Until then, you’re free to get some other tasks done. 

See how easy cleaning is? You can be doing two productive things at once.

Okay time is up.

Once those 20-30 minutes is finished, run back into that bathroom and finish off those walls & tiles. Get a clean cloth and just do a wipe down.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.



 Now we’re getting to the fun part. 

Pour a cup of baking soda  into the toilet bowl. Then stare at it and say “Toilet bowl toilet bowl on the floor, tell me who has the cleanest bathroom of all“.

Just kidding don’t do that last part, or your friends and family will think you have lost your marbles.

Let the baking soda  soak for a couple of minutes. Then simply just brush and flush.

Do a quick wipe down with a disinfectant for your toilet seat so you have a clean seat to look forward to when it’s time to take care of business.

P.S: You should also consider cleaning your toilet brush regularly if you are not already doing so.

Secure the toilet brush handle between the already-cleaned seat and the basin so that the brush hovers over the bowl.

Pour some bleach on the bristles and let it soak for a few minutes, then rinse off with some clean water.

But wait you’re not done just yet. Fill the brush canister with warm soapy water and let the toilet brush sit. You can go ahead and let the brush soak for as long as you like (Usually nothing more than just a couple of minutes or hours.)

Then finally dump the dirty soap water out.

Sink & Bathroom Mirrors

Start off with the bathroom mirrors.

Spray a good amount of Windex or any of your favorite window cleaner on your mirrors.

Quickly wipe down your mirrors. This process shouldn’t take any longer than minute.

It’s as simple as microwaving yourself some food. No rocket science degree required here.

For your sink, pour some vinegar and baking soda and drain it down with some hot water.

Use anti-bacterial disinfectant disposable wipes to wipe down the faucet since there might be a lot of nasty gucky illness causing germs and bacteria.



There you have it. A full complete guide to deep cleaning your bathroom. Of-course if you see fit, there’s one thing we didn’t mention which is mopping & sweeping the floor. You can choose to do that at the end of your bathroom cleaning process.

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