The regular cleaning covers most homes in average condition

A regular cleaning consists of our 44 point cleaning checklist which takes into account everything that involves cleaning a home or apartment. Such as dusting, wipe down of all exterior surfaces & large appliances,cleaning/vacuuming floors, cleaning bathrooms, kitchen, & living areas.
The Deep clean is meant for homes not professionally cleaned in the past 3 months, not cleaned in a while, or need some extra attention. The Deep clean also applies to most "Move In/Out" cleanings since Move in/out cleanings require more time & need more detailed time for maximum results. It also includes the 44 point cleaning checklist just like the regular cleaning. It doesn't come with any additional extras.

The Deep clean takes into account for more extra attention in bathrooms,kitchen & living areas to get those neglected areas back to 100%.
Unlike the flat rate packages, hourly is based on the number of hours you booked and you can add on more hours as you see fit.

Hourly cleanings are best if you want to customize your cleaning outside of the 44 point cleaning checklist we use, you have alot of things to organize,de-clutter, or fold.

You may also select the hourly option if you want just certain rooms cleaned & not the entire home.

If your home is extra messy or may need longer than usual we may ask you to convert to an hourly cleaning if the flat rate price won't be able to cover the size of your home or the scope of work we quoted for.
We offer extra services that are usually not included in our 44 point cleaning checklist and you can select them on our booking form.

Here are a couple example of the Extras we offer:

-Cleaning Inside of Fridge
-Cleaning Inside of Oven
-Cleaning Inside of Cabinets/Drawers
-Baseboard detailing
-Interior Window Cleaning
-Wet Wiping/detailing Blinds
Definitely, if you have any specific instructions feel free to let us know.
You can either put it in the "customer comments" on the booking form, email us, or tell one of our happy receptionists on the phone.
To ensure a great experience & service, there are a couple of things we can not do:

-Cleaning any bio-hazardous (animal/human bodily fluids,urine,feces,blood,etc)
-Cleaning any dangerous or toxic chemicals
-Cleaning of pest or rodent infested homes
-Climbing a ladder
-Clean outside of windows
-Cleaning walls
-Cleaning ceilings
-Cleaning of chandeliers or light bulbs
-Cleaning of hoarder like homes
Every cleaning will always include:

-44 Point cleaning checklist (for flat rates)
-1-2 vetted & background checked cleaners
-All the basic equipment & supplies
-Our Satisfaction Guarantee
-Unlimited support via chat, phone, & email
When booking our flat rate cleaning packages, please make sure to select the ENTIRE TOTAL NUMBER of bedrooms and bathrooms in the home. Even if you don't want a bedroom or two cleaned.

Although this might seem unfair at first glance, our prices are based on the house size, and we use the number of bedrooms and bathrooms to determine the entire house size.

You also have the option of selecting the "Hourly Cleaning" instead of the flat rate option if you just want some rooms cleaned.
We bring our own cleaning supplies, but please let us know if you have any special requests and we would be happy to accommodate you if possible.

On the day of your clean

We operate on a 3 hour arrival window.

For example you may reserve a spot between the arrival windows of 9am-12pm & the cleaners will arrive anytime during that time-frame.
The Cleaners will try to arrive at the earliest time but please do allow the 3 hour window to account for traffic, parking, and other surprises.
We typical send 1-3 cleaners depending on our availability and the size of the job.
Nope. Just leave a key for us and let us know how to access your place. We will clean and lock the door after ourselves.
We operate on basic flat rate pricing models and assume a certain level of cleanliness & size of home. Our quotes are accurate more than 95% of the time.

Some times upon arrival, our cleaners will do a before walk-through of the home and may determine that the size of the home is either way too large or the home may be in a severe condition.

Cleaning Tribe will have to re-quote it to a new flat rate price or switch to our hourly billing to make sure the job is done correctly. Rest assured, we won't do this without your prior permission.
Tipping is completely optional. If you would like to show your cleaner your appreciation, you are more than welcome to tip them.

Pricing & Policies

We offer crystal clear flat-rate pricing. There are no contracts, no agreements, and no hidden fees. Our pricing is based off the number of bedrooms you have in your home.

We also offer hourly pricing option as well.
We ONLY accept Credit or Debit cards at the moment. No cash or checks.

We place your card in the system when booking and put it on hold before the cleaning service. Rest assured you won't be charged until the service is done.
You can cancel or reschedule anytime but please make sure to do so 24 hours before your service date/time.

Please keep in mind we reserve a spot just for you so cancelling less than 24 hours before service can incur you a $70 cancellation fee to compensate our cleaners for lost wages.
If our cleaners arrive at your home but we are unable to reach you or unable to enter the home for any reason. Our cleaners will wait up to 30 minutes, but will then have to start getting ready for their next appointment.

Lockouts will cost a $70 lockout/cancellation fee to compensate our cleaners for gas, drive time, & lost wages.
If you’re not satisfied with your cleaning, please let us know within 24 hours & we will come back and re-clean it for free.

General FAQ

Feel free to check out our "Service area" page for more detail.
We want to keep things as easy as 1,2,3. Here's what our entire ordering process looks like:

Step 1:
Go on our booking form or call our office and book your cleaning appointment. You will get a Booking Confirmation email once your spot has been confirmed. Your card will be placed on hold for the due amount.

Step 2:
Our cleaners will arrive on the set date/time and will clean as you kick back & relax.

Step 3:
Your card will be charged once service is complete. You should get two emails. You will get an email with your receipt. And a second email to rate your experience with our service.
Our office is open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.
Saturday from 10am-4pm
Closed Sunday.

Trust & Safety

Having the best cleaners is key to providing great service.
Once our cleaners have filled out a quick application, we do an interview, followed by a background check & a reference check.
We then send them out to a test job to test for their level of service,professionalism,etc.
But we're not done yet. The first month is a trial, and they are sent with our lead cleaners to make sure everything is great before sending them out on their own.
Less than 5% of applicants actually pass the whole process and are hired.
We never want anything to go wrong for our customers, but if something goes wrong we’re here to make it all right. Please let us know right away and we’ll be there to take care of it no matter what. That’s our promise to you.
Yes it is, our payment technology is provided by Stripe. Their SSL encrypted, PCL compliant system is completely secure and trusted by companies worldwide. You can read more about them on stripe.com
We strongly recommend that if you will not usually be home during the cleaning, that you leave the key in a place where the cleaner can easily access it upon arrival. Some clients prefer to use a lockbox.