House Cleaning Tools That Will Make You Clean Like a Pro!

by Cleaning Tribe - February 6, 2017


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At one point in time, your ancestors had to do almost everything manually.

Clothes were once hand-washed and hanged by clippers outside to dry.

Floors were hand scrubbed  with pure brute strength. Grout and built up grease were almost impossible to get off so people usually gave up when nothing seemed to work.

Thankfully a couple of tools have been added over the years for your convenience to make cleaning efficient and more effective.

Having the right tools will make sure you get your house cleaned efficiently, effectively, and still have enough time to do the things you love.

Weather you are a well seasoned veteran house cleaner or just a beginner that doesn’t have the slightest idea how to clean, these tools will make you clean like a pro!

Let’s start off with the basics…

Extendable Duster: This is usually the first equipment you will use when cleaning your home like a pro. In case you don’t know, you’re suppoused to clean your home from top to bottom. That means you start cleaning at the bottom and work your way down to the bottom(floors). You will use extendable dusters to reach hard to reach areas to dust off dust and cobwebs that might be present in the house.

Brooms: The most old and tested cleaning tool known to man used to clean the floors. You can sweep almost anything of the floor with these. Brooms are pretty similar in almost all their design. But here is something to keep in mind. Selecting softer models is usually for indoor use. Brooms made of tougher fibers are usHouse Cleaning Los Angelesually meant for outdoor use such as your garage and sidewalk.

Vacuum: If you’re not feeling old fashioned, you can thank technology. Vacuums work on both carpet, floors, and upholstery. Greatest floor cleaning tool invented since sliced bread if you ask me.

Toilet brush: A total must have if you have a toilet. Pretty self explanatory. This is what you will use to clean any yucky deposits on the inside walls of the toilet. Have fun!

Mop & Squeegee: Effective to mop the floors especially when used with great cleaning liquids and chemicals.

Bucket:  When mopping floors, using  a bucket will make things much easier than using the sink. It will also make you look like you know what you’re doing

Microfiber cloths: Microfiber cloths are an effective cleaning alternative to using dirty rags when wiping down surfaces during your cleaning routine. 

Sponges: These tools are great to use in both the kitchen and bathroom. They can be used as a scrubbing tool to tackle areas that are harder to clean. Their unique ability to suck up liquid/water makes it even more convenient if you are trying to use a wet combination to clean stained surfaces.

Scrubs/Brushes: Sometimes sponges just aren’t enough. Things such as grouts and tough stains will need you to get on your hand and knees and go to town the old fashioned way. Scrubs/brushes will help loosen up gunk and dirt to make it much easier to clean.

Rubber gloves: You are not cleaning correctly if you are not using proper sanitizing procedures. Gloves will protect your hand from harsh chemicals and nasty germs that can later cause you illness.

Easy to carry Spray bottles/Cleaning Solutions: Simplicity is key. Spray bottles make life much easier. Just a little quick spray, here and a little bit there and you’re good to go. Also having the right cleaning solution for the right occasion will make things much easier.

Here are the most common chemicals you will usually need:

  • All-purpose cleaner-These chemicals are pretty strong and can be used on almost anything, hence the name “all purpose”. If you are using it on granite or marble surfaces, use chemicals specifically made for those to avoid damaging the materials
  • Tile/Grout cleaner- The best scrubbing tool in the world can’t get rid of all the grout build up no matter how much you try. That’s why you’ll want to use a tile/grout cleaning chemical to to loosed all the gunk from your bathtub and floors.
  • Glass cleaner- A well proven glass cleaning chemical is a must to clean windows, mirrors and any glass surfaces to make it shiny and smooth.
  • Wood cleaner- Cleaning wood surfaces is an art. you will want to opt for great wood cleaning chemicals instead of water.

That covers the most basic but important tools you will need to clean your house or start your maid business career. For a more detailed list of cleaning supplies , click here  and check out our friends at 604maids.