7 Hacks To Keep Your Home Clean Effortlessly

by Cleaning Tribe - February 12, 2017

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Maintaining a clean home can prove to be  challenge for most people.

You leave your cookie wraps on the table and say to yourself that you will pick it up later. You leave your clothes on the couch after being tired from work and you promise yourself you will address it tomorrow morning.

Before you know it, you will be wondering how your house got so cluttered and messy.

It’s even worse if you have a toddler or a pet in the home. They go around pulling items out of where they belong.

No matter how cute they are, you get frustrated knowing that’s another item added for you to clean up.

Ofcourse we are biast & believe in the art of delegating & automating as much monotonous tasks as possible. There is plenty of maid services in Los Angeles to choose from who would be happy to accommodate your cleaning needs.

Here are a couple hacks you can implement this week to enjoy the environment of a clean home:

1.) Live like a Spartan. 

Ancient Spartans are notorious for living a life of simplicity.

They only kept the most important useful tools in their home and didn’t concern themselves with over-indulgence. What that means for you is that you need to get rid of things you don’t really need. Get rid of the junk and try to get by  on the least amount possible.

The more items and things you have in your house, the easier it is for your home to be messier and cluttered. Keep things simple and minimal.

2.) Set aside 15-30 minutes a day for a maintenance cleaning routine

Consistent habits are what show results. Assuming you have already done an initial deep clean of your home, you should try to maintain a 15-30 minutes cleaning routine. Keep things simple. You don’t need to start washing the walls, cleaning the baseboards, or do anything fancy.

Just quickly Vacuum your floors, de-clutter certain areas, and do a general dusting and wipe down of surfaces. This simple routine will keep your home looking clean and prevent messiness from building up.

3.) Do a “Weekly” Cleaning routine

Once a week you want to do a more general throughout cleaning of your home. If you have been keeping up with the 15-30 minutes daily cleaning routine, then your weekly cleaning routine should be a breeze. You can follow our 44 point checklist for reference of what areas to focus on.

Basically you want to do a general mopping, Vacuuming, wiping down surfaces, clean bathtub, inside toilets, mirrors, windows, and inside of appliances if needed

4.) Clean from “Top to Bottom” and “Left to Right”

Whenever you take on cleaning tasks you want to do things efficiently and do it in half the time.

The name of the game is speed cleaning.

You need some sort of system when you are cleaning to make yourself more effective and finish faster so you can get back to your personal agenda. You never want to finish mopping the floors then start cleaning your window blinds and wiping down your counter-tops, only to have all the dust and thrash fall right back onto your clean floors.

Cleaning from top to bottom makes sure you don’t have to go back and re clean the areas you already have.

By cleaning from left to right, you ensure you cover all areas instead of darting from one area to the other and probably missing  a couple of spots in the process

5.) Make Your Bed First Thing in The Morning

By making your bed first thing in the morning, it’s scientifically proven to kick start your productivity levels and another way to make your room look more tidy effortlessly.

6.) Edit Your Closet On The Go

The closet is one of those things that can easily build up into a crazy hoarder mess if not maintained properly. You will quickly find clothes all over the place and mounted in areas it should never be in. The quick remedy is to clean your closet on the go.
When getting ready in the morning, keep a bag in your closet so you can toss away clothes you don’t need into this bag. Sort through it once a month. At the end of every night, make sure to hang and fold your clothes neatly. This 5 minute activity can save you a lot of time and an unpleasant messy closet in the future.

7.) Clean your bathroom as part of your nighttime routine

When you are brushing your teeth and getting ready for bed, it’s also a good time to let your toilet and bathtub soak in some bathroom cleaning solutions. Then just do a quick scrub before heading into your cozy bed and calling it a day.

See? Wasn’t that easy?


Keeping your house clean is not rocket science and definitely should be as effortless as brushing your teeth. By implementing these hacks into your daily life, you won’t even notice that you actually cleaned. You can also automate the entire thing by hiring us to do your home cleaning service