Move Out Cleaning – Do It Yourself Checklist

by Cleaning Tribe - March 11, 2017

Ah Yes,

Move out cleaning!

You know, it’s that last chore you do when moving to another home just before you can kiss all your neighbors good bye.

Moving out of a home is definitely not an easy task. 

And actually cleaning the house may be the last thing you want to do, when all is said and done. And that’s fine! That’s why most people order a Move out cleaning service to take care of it.

But some of you might just prefer to get down and dirty and actually do it yourself.

With a few small guidelines, you should be able to return your house in a clean sanitary condition back on the market. 

Here’s a quick checklist you can follow to make sure your next move out cleaning is done correctly:


Common areas (Living Room, Hallways, Staircase, Every part of the home)

  • Dust ceiling fixtures.
  • Dust/ Remove any cobwebs in the top corners of the home. dust Ledges.
  • Wipe walls down & remove any stains
  • Clean Inside Windows
  • Clean light switches/outlets
  • Wipe down door knobs
  • Clean Baseboards
  • Sweep & Vacuum


  • Dust/Remove cobwebs from ceiling and other corners/spots
  • Clean Inside & outside of Cabinets
  • Wipe down all counter tops & disinfect
  • Clean and shine Sink/Faucet
  • Clean Inside & Outside of Fridge
  • Clean Inside & Outside of Oven
  • Clean out your dishwasher
  • Remove all appliances and sweep behind them
  • Sweep then Mop Floor (In that exact order)


  • Dust/Remove Cobwebs
  • Clean/Wipe Mirrors
  • Clean Bathtub, tiles & Bathtub walls. Get rid of any soap scums and grout
  • Clean Inside of Toilets and outside
  • Clean outside and inside of drawers
  • Clean Sink & Counter-tops
  • Sweep, Vacuum, & Mop


  • Dust/Remove cobwebs
  • Clean Windows, ledges, sills
  • Wipe walls down & do baseboards
  • Sweep/Vacuum/Mop

There you have it!

A full Move out Cleaning checklist that will get the job done if followed step by step. 

The checklist is placed in an order so that you are able to clean from the top to bottom which is the standard and professional way of cleaning any home or property.

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