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Our Policies | Cleaning Tribe




Pricing & Services

Deep Cleaning, 

We recommend our deep cleaning package for almost 99% of our clients for their first clean especially if they haven’t been professionally serviced in the past 30 days. This allows for more extra time to get the home to 100% & extra attention to the kitchen, bathroom & living areas.


Standard Cleaning

Our standard cleaning is meant only for homes that are generally already tidy & need a quick touch up. If you opt for our standard cleaning on your intial clean, there will be a time cap off limit.


When booking a flat rate package with us, it normally comes with our standard leaning checklist. If you would like to add on extras such as inside fridge, inside oven, inside cabinets, baseboards, interior windows, blinds,etc we have that option for you

Hourly Cleaning

If you are on a budget, would just like partial cleaning of the home, customize your cleaning outside of our checklist, have a very large home, and/or just prefer an hourly option,then our hourly cleaning package is perfect for you. You book a certain number of hours, & our cleaners will stay there until the hours are done. Please make sure to prioritize your cleaning so cleaners can work on most important things first to least important before the time is up.


In the rare case your home is large, in severe condition, or outside the scope of work, we reserve the right to requote or refuse the work. We try to be flexible but keep in mind our flat rates are only estimates. Our cleaners will let you know before starting so you can either upgrade to a heavier duty package or you can keep the same price if you are on a budget & we’ll cap it off at a certain amount of hours based on our hourly rate.

By using our services and booking with us whether it be via phone,email, text, or our online booking platform, you agree to our terms of services and policies.


Things we do not do/clean:

  • Cleaning Bio-hazardous/ dangerous chemicals
  • Cleaning Bug infested homes
  • Cleaning mold
  • Removing or cleaning Grout
  • Cleaning outside of windows
  • Cleaning outside of home
  • Scrubbing walls from top to bottom or ceilings
  • Cleaning light bulbs, chandelier, fans,etc
  • Lifting/moving heavy weights/objects (30lb limit)
  • Climb ladders
  • Fireplaces

Hard Stains

Our cleaners will try their hardest to clean any stains present in our home. But keep in mind some stains such as mildew, soap-scum & years of stain may not be able to come off.

Right to refuse service:

Cleaning Tribe reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. These reasons include but are not limited to: not being able to gain entry/access to a home, no power / running electricity in the home, no running air conditioning or heating, frequent cancellations or schedule changes, improper or dishonest booking, project out of the scope of the original booking, being rude to staff or affiliates and / or incorrect or non-functioning billing information.

If upon arrival we can not service your home, a cancellation fee will be applied to compensate the cleaners for time, drive, gas,etc.

On The Day Of The Service

Arrival Windows:

We do our best to be prompt and meet the cleaning time indicated, but traffic and other clients may affect our schedule. That is why we have a two hour arrival window to account for any traffic or surprises. If your scheduled cleaner is going to be more than 15 minutes late past the arrival window, we will contact you.

Cleaner Entry

We do recommend atleast for your first clean that you be present so you can show the cleaners around & do a before/after walk-through to make sure you are satisfied. Having said that we understand that you have a busy schedule. If you will not be present, please make a note of it on your booking or with our staff & leave the keys or a way to enter the home as well as closing instructions once cleaners are done.


If there is no free parking available when your cleaner arrives, you will be asked to compensate them for parking since our cleaners will have to spend money to service you.

Other Services Can Not Be Performed During Our Cleaning Service

If on the day of your cleaning service, we find out that there is another service being performed(Renovation, Repairs,Painting,etc.) on your property, we  reserve the right to refuse service or reschedule for another time.

This is to ensure that you receive a quality house cleaning when all is said and done. We do not perform our services while another service provider is present to prevent conflicts, effects on the quality of our services,etc. This is a strict policy that we abide by.

If for any reason we do proceed and perform a cleaning while another service is being performed, you agree that we will not be held liable for the quality/end results of the cleaning

Thank you for understanding.

Inclement Weather

If there is a storm in progress on your scheduled cleaning day(Hail, Ice,Snow,Rain,Thunder)

it will be a judgment call made by the management as to whether or not the staff will be working that day to ensure their safety.  We will reschedule Client’s cleaning within three days of closed business day due to weather.

During summer months we ask the central air conditioning be left on while we are cleaning. This will keep our teams comfortable while performing the cleaning tasks in your home.

Assigned Cleaner:

Your assigned cleaner will be your default cleaner with the exception of illness, vacation, personal emergency, or an ongoing schedule change. In the event that your default cleaner has an ongoing schedule change or no longer works here, s/he will be replaced with another trained cleaner who will have your home’s customized work order. You are also more than welcome to audition multiple cleaners until you find your ideal match.


Billing & Payments

Payment Policy:

At the moment only Credit/Debit Cards are accepted. No Cash/Check. Cards are put on file before the service to reserve your date/time for your cleaning. This is to ensure the safety and legitimacy of the booking. Rest assured you won’t be charged until after the service is done, but your card will be put on hold before the cleaning day. If we are unable to put your card under an authorization hold by 5pm before the day of the cleaning, we reserve the right to cancel your cleaning appointment.

Payments are due and charged after each service on your card. Please do not give cash to the cleaners mistakenly since we will not be responsible for this payment method.

Late Payment Fees:

If for any reason, payment is not made at the end of service, overdue payments (typically over 5 days) are subject to a late fee of $25.00. In addition, interest will be charged at the rate of twelve percent (12%) per month on all overdue amounts. Overdue payments that haven’t been paid after multiple notices and/or over 30 days will be submitted to the collection agencies.  Cleaning Tribe reserves all rights available under California law to collect any amounts due and owing pursuant to this agreement.

Late Cancellation/Last Minute Reschedules

If you wish to cancel or reschedule a cleaning appointment, please do so 24 hours in advance. If you reschedule without a proper notice,  We will not have enough time to fill the schedule with another client for our maids. This decreases the maids’ pay. Without consistent wages, we cannot retain the best maids to clean for you. Thus, respecting our procedure for reschedules helps ensure you will get the best house cleaning service possible.

If a cleaning appointment is cancelled or rescheduled less than 24 hours in advance, cancellation fee of $70 will be applied.

Lockout Fees

Have you spent an hour waiting in a fancy restaurant, only to realize that your date has stood you up?  That’s what lockouts feel like to a cleaning service company.

We understand that people make mistakes,but lockouts are incredibly disruptive to our operations,  demoralizing for our cleaning techs and economically costly to our company since we still have to compensate our cleaners for their lost wages.

If our cleaner arrives and is unable to enter the home for the cleaning and/or if we can not reach you on the time/date of service, our team will wait outside of your house for 30 minutes. But any longer, and they’ll have to start getting ready for their next appointment. This will incur a lockout fee

Minimum Charge

When booking with us, please keep in mind we have a minimum charge for our cleaners to show up. This typically applies to our hourly cleaning. Our current minimum is 3 hours for 1 cleaner or 2 hours for 2 cleaners. Even if our cleaners finish earlier than the minimum, the charge will still be the minimum. This may change from time to time so please make sure to check out our booking form for our most up to date minimum

Rate Increases & Adjustments

We may increase rates annually or as it seems fit to cover additional expenses, inflation,etc. to continue to provide high quality services to our clients. We will notify you in advance via email, text, and/or call of our price increase, and will be applied on the first of the month.

Other Policies

Loss or Breakage:

If you believe that something has been damaged or broken by our domestic independent cleaners, we need to hear about it within 24 hours after your appointment. If you can not get a hold of us, submit a written email, text and/or voicemail. We can not address or help with damages not reported within this time frame.

For damages, we will work with you & your independent cleaner to come down to a solution. As a referral agency, by law we would not be able to intervene on behalf of our independent cleaners since we do not employ our domestic cleaners.For theft related issues, which is very rare but we will work with you & your cleaner and if you wish you can escalate it to a police report if its a serious issue.

No Soliciting:

Soliciting to our cleaners is strictly prohibited. All payments and cleaning service agreements is to be made only between the company and the customers. Hiring/Soliciting a Cleaning Tribe worker for services not in agreement with Cleaning Tribe, is never permitted. No questions asked.


Cleaning Tribe provides the products and equipment necessary to clean your home. If you would like us to use a product we do not carry, then please provide that product and we will be happy to use it in your home. We cannot, however, guarantee the safety of products that you provide. For heavy build-up or stains, we may request your permission to use a stronger cleaning agent, which may contain toxins.

We are happy to customize cleanings to fit individual needs. Please communicate these needs to our management staff and we will be happy to accommodate, so long as the requests are for tasks in which our cleaner has been professionally trained.

Holidays:  We don’t provide services during the following holidays. If you have a cleaning appointment scheduled on these days, we will give you a call to reschedule.

  • Christmas
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Easter
  • and all other major holidays…



Refund Policy

Please understand that cleaning service is a personalized experience. Our cleaners use their gas, supplies, chemicals, and also labor hours so we do have a no refund policy. But we’re more than willing to work with you with any problem with a case by case basis and can send a cleaner to fix anything that might have been missed (please refer below to our service quality guarantee). Cleaning Tribe does reserve the right at its own sole discretion on handling cases on a case by case basis.