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by Cleaning Tribe - October 30, 2019


Santa Monica’s Trusted House Cleaning Service

Are you looking for the stress-free way to enjoy a sparkling clean home in Santa Monica?

We all love it when our home feels clean and fresh, but it’s not always easy to find the time to fit scrubbing and washing into your busy schedule.

After all, we’re all leading fast-paced and chaotic lives today. Whether you’re an ambitious entrepreneur starting your own business, a dedicated employee, or a full-time parent, life often gets in the way of cleaning.

The good news? Santa Monica’s most trusted cleaners are here to help.

Santa Monica Cleaning Service

As Santa Monica’s top home cleaning team, we have the skills and knowledge you need to transform your home from drab to fab in no time. We believe in the power of a happy home, which is why we focus on taking the hard-work out of cleaning.

What’s more, since we know your home is your sanctuary, we’ve worked to become the most credible cleaning service Santa Monica has to offer.

  • Professional Cleaning Checklist: It guarantees consistent home cleaning each time that you can expect
  • 100% risk-free guarantee: If we miss anything on our checklist we’ll be back with 48 hours to fix it for free
  • Background-checked and vetted cleaners: Only 1 out of 95 applicants make it through our recruiting process.
  • Supplies & equipment included: Yes, our cleaners bring all the necessary equipment & supplies
  • Reliability: We have a “backup” ready to go in case a scheduled cleaner calls out
  • Unlimited customer support: Online chat, email, text, phone calls. You name it! We’re here for you!
  • Awesome Discounts: For our recurring loyal customers, we offer up to 20% discounts of their packages

This doesn’t just apply to our santa monica folks. Cleaning Tribe provides top notch house cleaning services in the entire los angeles area as well as other neighboring suburbs.

Whether it’s a one-off clean or a recurring service, you can trust the support and care you get from Cleaning Tribe. With local Santa Monica experts on hand to offer you the cleaning solution you need at a time that suits you, we can offer support for every home.

Our trusted and vetted cleaners are the best-of-the-best. In fact, we only ever hire experts that we’d be happy to welcome into our own homes. What’s more, we’re constantly receiving great reviews from our customers, so if you don’t want to take our word for it! Just check out our testimonials!

200% Satisfaction Guaranteed with Every Home Cleaning

Here’s the deal:

At Cleaning Tribe, we know that your Santa Monica Home is more than just a place to lay your hat. It’s where you bond with your loved ones, where you watch your children grow up, and where you find those moments of peace at the end of a hard day.

When it comes to looking after your home, we believe that only the best Santa Monica cleaning service will do.

Transparent from day one, we don’t hide a thing from our customers. After all, a good cleaner knows not to sweep anything under the rug! With Cleaning Tribe, there are no hidden fees, no surprises, and no disappointments – just amazing honest work.

Find the cleaning package that suits you today from our range of services including:

Santa monica maids


  • Hourly customized cleaning: Choose exactly which parts of your home you want to clean with our custom cleaning package. Whether you’re dealing with a difficult room, or you’re sticking to a budget, we can help.
  • Standard cleaning package: Perfect for the standard home, our everyday cleaning package is the ideal way to give your property the quick clean it needs to sparkle and shine.
  • Deep-cleaning package: Feel like your home needs a little extra care? Make sure that every room looks it’s best with our deep-cleaning package.

Our comprehensive 44-point cleaning service covers all the major parts of your home, including bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and hallways. Your Santa Monica cleaner will be there to tackle all the jobs that you hate doing – from changing your bed sheets, to sweeping and mopping those messy kitchen floors. Once we’re done, we can even take out the trash, how’s that for great service?

What’s more, with Cleaning Tribe, the more you clean, the more you save.

We love loyalty, so we reward our regular customers with money off their packages.

Here is what our recurring service discounts look like:

  • 5% off monthly cleans
  • 10% off bi-weekly services
  • 15% of weekly services

Book A Santa Monica Maid Service in Just 60 Seconds!


Sensational cleaning shouldn’t be stressful.

Santa Monica is a stunning seaside town with plenty of charm and natural beauty. With more than 3.5 miles of sparkling shoreline to explore, we know you don’t want to waste time booking your cleaning service.

Santa monica house cleaners

At Cleaning Tribe, we know you have a lot on your plate, that’s why we make it as easy as possible to book a Santa Monica cleaning service straight to your door. Our streamlined and automated service is perfect for helping you to get ahead of your cleaning schedule. Simply book the day that works for you on our online form, and log back into your account if you need to cancel or reschedule.

Our booking system offers:

  • Instant quotes
  • Choose a day to suit your schedule
  • Booking management
  • 60-second booking

Since life is hectic at the best of times, we can even help with automated SMS and email updates, so you don’t forget about us! We’ll send you the occasional reminder to let you know that your Santa Monica cleaning service is coming up. Don’t worry – we’re not here to flood your invoice. At Cleaning Tribe, we believe that while life might be complicated, your cleaning service doesn’t have to be.

Whether you simply want to avoid sweating over your cleaning chores in those hot Santa Monica Summers, or you want to get out and enjoy one of those 300 annual days of sunshine, Cleaning Tribe is here to make sure that you spend less time cleaning, and more time enjoying your home.

From cleaning up the sand you’ve tracked in after exploring one of the top ten beach cities in the world, to making sure you have more time to relax at once of the city’s stunning attractions, Cleaning Tribe is your go-to source for Santa Monica cleaning.

We Are Santa Monica’s Most Trusted Home Cleaning Service


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Serving Santa Monica Suburbs & Surrounding!

Santa Monica is a beautiful beach suburb found on the western side of Los Angeles county. Bordered by three of the other most popular suburbs which includes Venice, palisades,Brent-wood and not far off from long beach; Santa Monica has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Los Angeles.

The Santa Monica pier is one of the most talked about spots in the entire united states and it is on the to-do list of every foreigner or tourist that comes to this little homey suburb. The Santa Monica pier can easily be spotted from miles away  but as you get closer, you’ll notice the pier is actually a part of something much larger called the “Pacific Park amusement park”.

And as you guessed it, this amusement park faces directly towards the pacific ocean.

When you first step onto the famous pier boardwalk and begin to walk towards the amusement park, you may be overwhelmed with the amount of things going on.

If you timed it right, especially on a hot summer day or even a weekend, you best bet you’ll be met with a huge crowd of people struggling to move past each other.Maids & House Cleaning Santa Monica You’ll notice vendors selling hot dogs, churros, drawing services of you, you name it.

You may hear songs, clapping, and a huge crowd gathered in certain spots as street performers do their thing in the corners.

You’ll have a variety of places to go dine in from the local Pier burger, to the awesome funnel cakes & local restaurants.

You may also notice the historic & most known spots such as Looff Hippodrome Carousel and the Santa Monica Aquarium.

Once you actually get to the amusement park, you’ll have an endless amount of rides to choose from; whether that be the Pacific wheel, the carousel, or the west coaster.

If you actually go far enough to the edge, you’ll also notice you can fish on the pacific ocean while spotting some sea lions in the process & enjoy your heavenly view of the sun set facing Catalina islands.

It is definitely a great spot to come over as a family or just bring a date over to enjoy the night with.

If you decide to take the stairs down to the sand, you’ll notice swings, gymnastic hoops & pull-up bars known as the famous “muscle beach”. Get a quick workout & burn those calories before heading any further since your trip is not over just yet.

Once you’ve finished sight seeing, it’s time to check out Downtown santa monica, also known as 3rd street promenade.

On your way to the promenade you may come across the beautiful & breath taking scenery view of Palisades park located on ocean ave.

After a couple blocks down, you’ll notice the beautiful paved walk way filled with malls, clothing stores, & restaurants.You have entered the twilight zone. Just kidding, this is the famous third street promenade.

You can enjoy a day of shopping, just make sure you keep tabs on your money. You can also catch a movie if you have enough time at the local AMC movie theaters.

And if you feel hungry at the end of your walk, rest assured you are filled with thousands of food spots & restaurants nearby.

That is just a little peak of what Santa Monica has to offer. If you don’t already live in this beautiful city, we encourage you to make the move.

You will absolutely fall in love with the city of Santa Monica. And if things get too busy, we’e always here to take care of your home cleaning needs so you can spend time at the beach instead of taking care of household chores.