We offer multiple options & cleaning packages since house cleaning is not one size fits all. Here is a quick breakdown of our cleaning packages:

Deep Cleaning Package

We strongly recommend selecting the Deep Cleaning package for your initial cleaning and/or if it hasn’t been professionally cleaned in the past month. This allows for more extra time & attention in your kitchen, bathroom & living areas to get it back up to 100%

The Deep cleaning add-on is also usually by default added for move in/move out cleanings

Standard Cleaning Package

Our standard cleaning is meant for homes professionally cleaned within the past 30 days and are already in general clean condition that just need a quick touch up. If you opt for our standard cleaning on your first clean, it will be capped of for a certain amount of hours.

Heavy Duty Cleaning

We recommend selecting the “Heavy Duty” cleaning package for homes that haven’t been cleaned in a while & may be considered in a more severe condition. 

Homes that have excessive dirt, dust, messiness, clutter may require this package.

Please note that this does not include cleaning hoarder homes, bio hazards, dangerous chemicals, and/or pest infestation

Recurring Service

Once the first initial cleaning is done, we can set you up on our recurring service program. After the first cleaning, you can take advantage of our awesome recurring discounts which helps you save money & time from cleaning . Now that’s killing two birds in one stone!

Each Recurring service comes with our standard 44 point cleaning checklist.

Please keep in mind recurring service discounts only apply to flat rates and not our hourly pricing option.

You can enjoy up to 20% off on recurring house cleaning services in los angeles ca as well as any of the other locations we service


We also have the option for our customers to add extras to their cleaning packages that’s not usually included in our 44 point cleaning checklist.

This includes things such as:

  • Inside Fridge cleaning
  • Inside Oven cleaning
  • Inside of Cabinets cleaning
  • Interior window cleaning
  • Baseboard cleaning/detailing
  • Blinds Detailing
  • Balcony Cleanup
  • An Extra room you want to add

Hourly Pricing Option

This option unlike the Flat rate cleaning packages is not priced by the job. Instead you book a certain amount of hours for a cleanup and get charged hourly.

This option is usually for homes that may need a lot of organizing or de-cluttering. This option is also great if you only want partial cleaning such as just certain rooms. The hourly pricing option also allows you to completely customize your cleaning if you don’t want what’s on the 44 point cleaning checklist.Homes in really severe conditions that can’t be quoted by flat rates can also use the hourly pricing option (Post construction jobs, heavy amount of dust, messier homes).

We strongly recommend giving our cleaners a priority checklist so they can finish the most important tasks first in case they aren’t able to finish everything in the booked amount of time.

Note: Our Flat rate pricing assumes a certain level of cleanliness and size of the home. If upon arrival our cleaners see that the scope of work is more than the flat rate, we reserve the right to re-quote it to a new flat rate price or switch to an hourly pricing option to make sure we can get the job done correctly. Rest assured, we wont do this without your prior permission.

Services We Don’t Offer/Not Included:

    • Moving heavy objects
    • Out door cleaning
    • Exterior window cleaning
    • Cleaning any form of bio-hazardous or dangerous chemicals( Mold,human/animals bodily fluid, blood, feces,urine, bio-medical waste,etc.)
    • Cleaning pest infested homes(bed bugs, roaches,etc)
    • Wet-wiping light bulbs & Chandeliers (risk of breakage is too high), clean chandeliers,
    • Paint Removal or Paint Clean-Up Cleaning Services
    • Grout cleaning/removal
    • Hoarding Situations